Q and A



Do Xoçai™ products have an expiration date?

Each product has a “best by” date indicated on the packaging. However, the products can last well beyond the “best by” date when stored in ideal and consistent temperatures.

How are Xoçai™ products processed?

MXI Corp is committed to using quality ingredients in order to provide the highest quality chocolate precuts with ORAC and Flavonoid values that are the best they can be, which will deliver the health benefits that clinical trials have attributed to dark chocolate. However, the ingredients, suppliers, and processes we use are the “heart of our business” and as such are proprietary.

Which of the Xoçai™ products are diabetic friendly?

Xoçai™ Nuggets, X Power Squares, XoBiotic Squares™, Omega Squares™, Activ™, and X Protein Meal™ are sweetened with a low glycemic sweetener. However, for an individual with diabetes, it is always best that they consult their physician prior to making dietary changes.

I have received products that state “Sugar” in the ingredient labels. Have we switched to lower quality refined sugar?

MXI has not changed the type of sweetener used in Xoçai™ products. However, due to recent changes in FDA regulations, our labeling has been adjusted. FDA regulations state, sugar cane products with common or usual names (such as raw cane juice crystals) must be labeled as “sugar”. Although not all “sugars” are created equal, the use of common names may fail to reveal the basic nature of the food and its characterizing properties.

Why are there differences in the ORAC Value on the packaging?

Brunswick Laboratories recently developed the “Total ORACFN” testing for all five of the major free radicals found in the human body. The “fn” stands for “food and nutrition.” We recently introduced new packaging with the results of the Total ORACFN. Depending on when the batch was produced, certain products may have packaging with the previous ORAC totals.

Are Xoçai™ products certified organic?

No. Organic ingredients are grown in an environment with controlled variables, where many of our ingredients are taken directly from their natural environment. Although many of our ingredients are “All Natural” and not organic, pesticides are not used on the farms where the cocoa beans and other ingredients are produced.

Are Xoçai™ products considered raw?

No. Xoçai™ products are not considered raw.

What are natural flavors?

Natural flavors are flavors extracted from natural products as opposed to being synthesized.

Which Xoçai™ products are Kosher?

The following solid chocolate products are BCK or British Columbia (Canada) Kosher:
Omega Squares™
X Power Squares
XoBiotic Squares™

Do Xoçai™ products contain milk or milk protein?

Most Xoçai™ products are dairy fee. However, these products are produced on machines that process other products which do contain milk. Although these machines are cleaned thoroughly after each production, it is required that the allergy warning “may contain milk” be present.

Omega Squares™ do contain a minute amount of milk as part of the Omega-3 powder. The Activ™ and Protein Bars both contain milk because one the natural flavors is derived from cream. Therefore, the allergy warning is present on these products.

Why is Soy Protein used in Xoçai™ products?

Soy Protein is found in the Protein Bars as it is an excellent source of protein. There is no Soy Protein in any other Xoçai™ products. However, Soy is one of the 6 major allergens determined by the FDA and USDA in the Allergen Label Law. In addition, Soy is a common ingredient used in the manufacturing process of lecithin and there may be very small amounts used in a flavoring system. Therefore, the allergen statement “May Contain or “Contains” Soy is present.

Are Xoçai™ products Gluten free?

Xoçai™ Nuggets, X Power Squares, XoBiotic Squares™, Omega Squares™, Activ™, and X Protein Meal™ are gluten fee, as none of the ingredients contain gluten. However, these products are produced on machines which produce other products which may contain gluten. Although these machines are cleaned thoroughly after each production, it is required that the allergy warning must be present. Powerhouse Cookies and Protein Bars contain wheat (gluten).

What is the origin of the cacao?

The main origin of the cacao is the Ivory Coast. However, our manufacturer also purchases cacao from other countries.

What is the origin of the Acai?

The Acai comes from the rain forests of Brazil. Much work has been done to preserve the palm trees from which the berries are harvested.

Do Xoçai™ products contain caffeine?

Typically, chocolate companies have added caffeine to their products, as it does not occur naturally in chocolate. However, one of chocolate’s active ingredients is Theobromine which is only found in cacao. The two stimulates are related and have similar structures but are very different chemicals with different properties, effects, and origins.

What is the percentage of Soy Lecithin?

There is 0.5% of soy lecithin is in our chocolate products.

Are all Xoçai™ products non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?

Yes, all ingredients in Xoçai™ products are non-GMO.

Do Xoçai™ products contain fructose-enriched corn syrup or “High Fructose Corm Syrup”?

No, we do not use fructose-enriched corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup in our products. The sweetener used in our products is 100% “Pure Crystalline Fructose” (or natural fruit sugar).

Do Xoçai™ products contain Oxalates?

Yes, Oxalic acid and oxalates are abundantly present in many foods, including cocoa and chocolate.

Is there fish collagen in Xoçai™ products?

Yes, fish collagen is extremely good for healthy nails, hair, skin, bones, etc. Our source of fish collagen is from a deep sea bass and is 98% protein. Fish collagen is a good source of healthy protein that works well in the product formula.

Are the Probiotics encapsulated?

Yes, the probiotics are encapsulated using a patented technology with vegetable fatty acids, bacterial cultures, maltodextrin and ascorbic acid.

I followed the instructions for mixing the Activ™powder but the product is quite thick. Why?

The Activ™ product can be enjoyed thick or thin depending on your preference. If you find it too potent with the mixing directions, you should mix as directed, remove a cap full (Drink it, don’t waste it!), add more water, shake it, and put it back in the fridge. If the product is still too thick, add cap full of water. We have found that the bitterness of the raw cacao is dulled after it is diluted a bit and the sweetness of the berries stands out after refrigeration.

Why does my last shipment of Activ™ taste different?

The berry powders in Activ™ can change in taste from production to production. Therefore, The taste of Activ™ may change from batch to batch.

What is MXI’s Patent number?

The patent for the processing of the Xocai Products is held by the chocolate manufacturer. Therefore, disclosing the patent number is not permitted.

How do I properly store and handle my chocolate?

Your Xoçai™ products should be kept from direct contact with the floor. (Store on pallet /shelving or similar).

Chocolate must be kept cool and dry storage temperature between 55-65 degrees F with low humidity.

Chocolate cases should be properly protected in corrugate shipping cases properly sealed with tape and when on pallets securely wrapped and use of corner board suggested during LTL shipping

Chocolate must not be exposed to direct sunlight and or artificial heat sources (furnace vents)

Chocolate must be stored in pest free areas with proper professional pest control program in place to include rat/mouse traps, pheromone traps for meal moths, bug zappers etc.

Chocolate must be shipped in temp and humidity controlled vehicles (55-65 degrees F low humidity).

Chocolate is very sensitive to odors and will absorb any odor from sources in surrounding areas (e.g. fish odor, detergent odor, mint, coffee or other strong flavors).

Chocolate must be properly rotated and sold per the FIFO rule (first in first out)

How many Weight Watchers® points are in Xoçai™ products?

Cookie – 4 points
Protein Bar – 3 pts
Nugget – 2 pts
XoBiotic™ – 1 pt
X Power Square- 1 pt
Omega Squares™ – 1 pt
Activ (1 oz) – 1 pt
X ProteinMeal Shake – 3 pts

The sodium in the X ProteinMeal™ seems high, why?

Nearly all of the sodium in the X ProteinMeal™ comes from the whey protein isolate, cocoa powder, and other ingredients. For this type of product 17% is not necessarily high.  You could drink more than 5 shakes before you would have 100% of your daily allowance.  On two shakes per day you’re only getting 34% of the RDA for sodium which leaves 66% for the remaining meal. Therefore, as long as you are making a smart meal choice for your third meal you should have no problem. Please note: For someone who is on a regulated sodium diet, they would need to adjust their intake accordingly, and should always consult their physician prior to making a dietary change.

Can the X ProteinMeal™ shake be mixed with something other than water?

Yes. The X ProteinMeal™ shake is designed to be water soluble. However, that does not mean you are limited to mixing the shake only with water. The X ProteinMeal™ also mixes well with other liquid substances as well, such as milk, almond milk, soy milk, coffee, yogurt, etc.

If I do not like the flavor of the X ProteinMeal™ shake, what can I do?

Try mixing the drink and adding a little something extra such as milk, almond milk, soy milk, coffee, yogurt, or sweetener, etc. You are welcome to add other items such as mint leaves, almonds, fruit, peanut butter, vegetable etc.

How many times should I have the X ProteinMeal™ shake a day?

The X ProteinMeal™ Shake is designed to fit the dietary needs of a variety of individuals. From individuals looking for weight loss, those looking for just general health or weight maintenance, as well as those athletes looking to bulk up or maintain optimal athletic performance.

For specific details please refer to the “Guide”.

What would it do if I had 3 Protein Meal™ shakes a day?

It would be possible to have 3 shakes plus a meal but it is not necessary.  Consuming 2 shakes plus a meal will work just fine, and there would not be any advantage in having 3 shakes. Furthermore, the fiber may cause GI gas if you are not used to consuming that much fiber.

I am getting headaches when I drink the X ProteinMeal™ shakes twice a day. Can I cut back to once a day?

The X ProteinMeal™ Shake program is highly customizable to fit individual needs. You are welcome to cut back to one shake and two meals or even increase your calorie intake as needed. However, if your headache persists, contact your physician as MXI Corp is not permitted or authorized to give medical advice.

I have heard some negative things about Sucralose®, why is it used in the X ProteinMeal™?

A Small amount of Sucralose is used in the X ProteinMeal™ product as a stabilizer for flavor. For a reliable source of information regarding Sucralose, please review the Sucralose information found on Wikapedia or some other form of information website. The negative reviews are generally coming from questionable sources.

I am following the instructions for X ProteinMeal™ but find myself still hungry, what can I do differently to help get through the day?

Try blending your shake with 1/2-1 cup of chopped ice and then drink your shake slowly. Try making it last about 30 minutes. If you find yourself hungry, munch on a healthy snack, such as almonds, vegetable, or string cheese.

Can I drink X ProteinMeal™ before bed, or will it keep me awake all night like coffee does?

The X ProteinMeal™ Shake does not contain any added caffeine. There have even been reports of improved sleep when consuming the Xoçai™ Products.

Can I use X ProteinMeal™ in conjunction with my other weight loss plan?

There would be no issue incorporating the X ProteinMeal™ Shake into your current diet or plan, or even just to make sure you are getting your daily antioxidants.

Is X ProteinMeal™ safe for my teenager to be on?

Yes, unless your teenager has specific dietary needs or allergies, in which case you would need to consult a physician.

I lost my scoop for the X Protein Meal™. How do I know how much is in one serving?

Each scoop of the X ProteinMeal is equal to 1/4 cup of unpacked loose powder. The total for one serving is 1/2 cup of unpacked loose powder, or 50g.